Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta...

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  • Su: No wonder Tenzin ended things with you years ago!
  • Korra:
  • Bolin:
  • Opal:
  • Su's kids:
  • Aang:
  • Sokka:
  • Ozai:
  • Azula:
  • All past avatars:
  • Cabbage merchant:
  • Combustion man:
  • Barack Obama:
  • Bryke:
  • Everyone ever:
  • Lin: you done fucked up now bitch



Daniel Radcliffe talks about dressing up as Spider-Man at Comic Con x

Dan Rad embodies what a first time cosplayer feels like when they first wear a costume and go to a con


Beautiful work. #FeriaNacionaldeArtesanias

When men imagine a female uprising, they imagine a world in which women rule men as men have ruled women.

Sally Kempton

I feel this is very important.

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It’s been apparent to me for a while that most men can’t really imagine “equality.”  All they can imagine is having the existing power structure inverted.

I cannot decide whether this shows how unimaginative they are, or shows how aware they must be of what they do in order to so deeply fear having it turned on them.

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Beach is better! #tybeeisland #summersummersummertime (at The Beach At Tybee Island)

I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored by his heroism, virtue, and honour. I think the best these men can do is not talk about themselves anymore.

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I’m going to hang this over my desk at work. SO THEY KNOW.

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Godfrey Gao for Men’s Uno - May 2014

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The real star of the World Cup final.